Informational Meeting – Thursday, September 24th, 7:00 PM (Daly 206)

Hello all,

We will be having an informational meeting on Thursday, September 24th at 7:00pm. This meeting will take place at Daly Science in Room 206. This meeting is for everyone to learn what ultimate is about and will allow you to get to know the team members. Following our meeting, we will be having practice on Bellomy at 8:00pm. We are looking forward to having everyone come out to the meeting to kick off the season!

At the meeting we will be asking you to sign up for our Google Group.
Google Group

In addition we would like you to fill out these forms before the meeting.

Consent and Liability

Code of Conduct Form

These forms require you to have your insurance card so please locate that.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we are looking forward to meeting you!

Tyler ‘Crust’ Eliel



2015-2016 Season

This year the Altered Beast will be captained by incoming seniors Keegan Campbell and Sean Donovan and incoming junior Connor Riley. Tyler Eliel and Sean Donovan are co-presidents, and Connor Riley will assume vice presidential duties.

SCAB will spend most of the fall on player development, visiting Sonoma State and Chico State for early tournaments as well as hosting one at Santa Clara on Halloween weekend.

We look forward to defending our regionals berth and proving we’re a team that belongs in the upper tier of our section.

Please direct all questions/comments/fan mail to scabultimate at gmail dot com.

SCCC 2014

The eighth annual Santa Clara Carmen Classic will commence this weekend on Bellomy Field. This is Santa Clara’s only home tournament.
The Saturday Schedule is as follows:

Pool A Pool B Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4
A1 LPC B1 Cruz 8:00 A3vA4 A2vA5 B3vB4 B2vB5
A2 Sonoma B2 Chico 9:30 A2vA4 A1vA5 B2vB4 B1vB5
A3 Cal B3 San Jose 11:00 A2vA3 A1vA4 B2vB3 B1vB4
A4 Reno B4 SCAB Alumni 12:30 A1vA3 A4vA5 B1vB3 B4vB5
A5 SCAB X B5 SCAB Y 2:00 A2vA1 A3vA5 B2vB1 B3vB5

Open Letter To The Rookies


By the time you are reading this, you will have taken part in your first SCAB practice. Hopefully you got your first taste of the joys of playing ultimate as well as belonging to this incredible group of guys. I’m writing this letter to you all in hope that it will not be your last.

Around this time last year, I too had my first SCAB practice. Like your’s, there was a sea of new players I had to compete with. By the time we were ready to go to Las Vegas, only Cheese, Maverick, Bucket, Afro, Top-Shelf, FedEx and I remained. Over the next few weeks, many of you will decide that ultimate is not your sport, or that you simply cannot make the time commitment. That’s perfectly fine. For those that do like ultimate, and the people who make up the SCAB community, I would like to share some words of advice.

We do really mean everything we say when we wax poetic about SCAB. However, we do sometimes forget to tell you about the tough parts. If you were to take the informational meeting as gospel, anything short of the greatest experience of your lives would be a disappointment. I’m sorry to inform you that the beginning isn’t all blue skies and idyllic male bonding.

Learning an entirely new sport is hard, and as self-conscious nineteen and twenty year olds, you will be aware of how awkward you will look while learning it. You’ll be frustrated as you struggle to throw a flick that doesn’t wobble worse than a drunk freshman. You’ll be confused when we tell you to cut to the “breakside” or mark “no around”. The learning curve will be steep, and you’ll be inundated with advice from returners at every opportunity. Do not get discouraged. Have patience, and understand that all of your teammates want to you to succeed. If you put forth the time and effort, you will improve as an ultimate player, I promise.

Of course, ultimate is only part of what SCAB has to offer. SCAB is a great group of guys who you will come to know and love off the ultimate field. Put the emphasis on “will come”; it will not happen right away. You guys are newcomers to a well-established culture and network of friends. While all the returners welcome your presence, do not take it personally if we seem more interested in talking amongst ourselves than reaching out to you all. Don’t try to make us like you; just be yourself and we will love you. One of the great things about SCAB is the diversity of personalities. As long as you don’t come off as fake, you’ll find a home in SCAB.

As you get assimilated into SCAB culture, you will probably find yourselves slotted into the role of little brother. You’ll buy upperclassmen Bronco, pick up the cones after practice, and do all the other things (wink wink) that get passed down to the rookies. For some of you, being a little brother is old hand, while for others, who are used to being the oldest child- like me- it will take some getting used to. Try to embrace the role as best you can, you only get to be a rookie once (flawless logic, I know).

One of the most important parts of your rookie experience will be getting a nickname. I wouldn’t blame you if you were the tiniest bit worried about getting a terrible nickname—I was too. You can exhale as no one on the team has a blush-worthy nickname. If you embrace your nickname and take ownership of it, it’ll become cool, even if it’s something as simple as ‘Crust’ or ‘Bucket’. It’ll become part of your SCAB identity and a symbol of acceptance into this family.

Even if we do not always outwardly act as such, we do hope you chose to become a permanent member of the SCAB family. We recognize that you guys are the future of SCAB, the boys to whom we will pass the torch, and the men who will one day lead SCAB. But for now, get used to picking up cones.

Sincerely, Pancho

2014-2015 Season

Another year another college ultimate season. This year SCAB has the unique opportunity to be one the top contenders in the NorCal section. We lost only four seniors to the real world last season, and though the losses are great, they are not insurmountable.

This year the team will be led by Senior captains Stan “Santa” Whitcomb and Anthony “Danja” Davis as well as a Junior captain Keegan “Malfoy” Campbell. The last day in September will be the first step for SCAB in their ultimate quest for a Regional’s bid.

Who Are We?

This season, SCAB will be lead by senior captain Shane “O’Doyle”Earley and two junior captains Anthony “Danja” Davis and Stan “Santa” Whitcomb. All three captains have shown what they are made off and are ready to lead the team into our first official bid to regionals in team history. Michael “Maeby” George and Budi “Indo-Ichiro” Sosrodjojo will act as Co-Presidents for the club.

This season, our goal is to not only to get a bid to regionals but to compete in it as well. While abroad in Ireland, Anthony Davis said, “We expect to compete at a high level in one of the most competitive conferences in the country and to qualify for regionals and compete.”

As usual we are looking to take advantage of Fall tournaments (listed in our Calendar section) to get the team together and create some chemistry. Stan Whitcomb is looking to lead the team in the Fall, especially new players, so that they will have some confidence to look

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up field instead of immediately dumping it back to a senior player. When asked about having Stick as our coach, Michael George added, “Imagine what we can do this year with a full year of coaching from Stick. Our freshmen will look like season veterans by the end of fall quarter.”

Playing in a tough section, one of our main focuses this year is to stop being afraid when going against good teams. When asked about competition in our section, Whitcomb added, “I want us to stop being afraid of teams like Chico, Stanford, Cruz, and Davis and stop playing like we are scared to make mistakes against them. Sure mistakes hurt us, but looking off an open upfield break because Stanford is guarding you is a dumb reason to look it off. If we expect them to beat us, we will play like garbage.”

As for the team itself, I have never met a more collective group of guys who know how to have fun and love to toss the flatball around the beautiful Santa Clara campus. On and off the field, some of my best memories at SCU have been with SCAB. On the field, Shane Earley commented, “The team this year has some really strong incoming players and an experienced core of returners, as well as a new coach who has great experience to share with us.” With the bitter memory of barely making it into regionals fresh in our heads, every single returner is itching to play their best this year and take our game to a whole new level. One of my main goals this year is to put that extra effort in order to get the team closer on and off the field. I think if we are closer off the field, it will translate into our game and the chemistry will show. A lot of these guys are some of my best friends that I’ve made at Santa Clara.

As I’m preparing to play intramural fall league in Shanghai, China while I’m studying abroad, I can’t wait to get back to SCU and play with my boys again. To sum it up perfectly, Stan Whitcomb concluded, “The reason why I love Frisbee is because I love the guys on the team.” I think its safe to say that he speaks for all of us in this regard.

Budi Sosrodjojo

2012-2013 Season Recap

Welcome to the new Santa Clara Altered Beast website, we are Santa Clara University’s Ultimate Frisbee official club team.

As the new season approaches, SCAB is looking forward to take our section by storm.

Last season, SCAB made another huge stride forward with the help of our new coach, Stick. Stick joined SCAB in the middle of winter quarter and we immediately saw tremendous improvements in our game. Stick, also known as David Williams, has had over 20 years of ultimate experience. He was a member of Chain Lightning (Atlanta, GA) and Ring of Fire (Raleigh, NC) during his playing career. Stick’s coaching method, experience, and overall presence gave the team the extra boost we needed all season long. With the help of ex SCAB captain Aubrey Davis and other local alumnis, the team’s coaching staff looked better than ever.

With a solid group of returners and a couple of fresh faces on the team, SCAB managed to show our section what we were made off. Our records are as follow:

Santa Barbara Qualifier 2013: 3-4
Presidents Day Qualifier: 4-2
Stanford Open: 2-5
Trouble in Vegas: 3-3

SCAB came into sectionals with a goal of reaching regionals. Every single member of the team wanted to make history by becoming the first SCAB team to qualify for regionals. It was evident during sectionals that we were a much better team after Sticks arrival. I’ve never seen our team played with as much heart and determination

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as we did in last year’s sectionals. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to earn us a bid to regionals when we lost the “game-to-go” in a closely fought game against a very good Chico State team.

SCAB graduated 10 valuable members of our team who played big roles in our success last season. Their contributions and leadership on the field and their presence and friendship off the field will be thoroughly missed.

With a full year of coaching from Stick, an improving group of returners, and a talented batch of freshmen, SCAB’s future is looking very brighter than ever. If you have any questions about SCAB, feel free to email us at

SCAB Meeting this Thursday at 7pm

In Daly Science 207. Meeting will cover what we want to do with the rest of the year, what we need from the

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new recruits, what it means to play Ultimate at Santa Clara, and our goals for this year.

Any questions you may have about the team will be answered at the meeting.

Highlight Vid from last year!!


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